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Website Design Trends for 2017

A new year has arrived, which means many experts will proudly brandish their predictions and prognostications about the year ahead.

Of course, we could make lots of predictions about the global political climate, the next World Series Champions, whether Snapchat Spectacles are actually cool or creepy, and so and on, but we’re a design and marketing company, so those predictions aren’t really in our wheel house.

Instead, we’re going to focus on one thing in our look at the year ahead: What will define web design in 2017? Continue Reading

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Ensuring Your Website Meets ADA Compliance Standards

The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) was devised to prohibit disability-based discrimination. Although the ADA was enacted before the internet was invented, the Department of Justice has already determined access to websites and other electronic media to be covered by the statute. Legislation on website compliance is currently going through the amendment process and an updated amendment is expected by 2018.

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Web design trends for 2016


Every year, experts try to decipher what will be the latest and greatest for the year ahead. Well, here’s our guess and what you’ll see more of in web design in 2016. Of course, not every website will take advantage of these, but sure enough, you’ll start to see these trends make there way into websites across the internet soon!
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Staying Ahead: Website design’s new trends… or old stand-bys?

The web is always moving, always changing and each year prognosticators wag their fingers and give us top lists of what trends are coming in web design and development.

It’s true that as new languages and platforms develop, you and your web designer need to keep up. But some of the most important trends have always been around us, we just had to find them again.


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5 Tips on getting a better website design

Everyone with a website daydreams of their site being the first one that pops up on a search engine results page. That sort of thing isn’t likely to happen overnight. After all, there’s a lot of competition out there and undoubtedly more than one website talking about the exact same thing you are.

There are ways you can help your site stand apart from the crowd. The design is crucial. You need a website people want to visit and that gives them the information they need. Read on for 5 tips for getting a better website design. Continue Reading

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