Non-Profit Marketing &
Website Design

Marketing tailored to empower and engage.

People feel more connected when they can get involved in a cause. Your non profit website design has a job to do. For starters, it should engage people long enough for them to take action. Whether that action is signing up to volunteer or making a donation depends on the individual and their current level of commitment. Hub & Spoke is known for its work as a non profit marketing agency that makes sure your audience is inspired by your brand and creative content.

Non profit and advocacy website design must work to continually differentiate your cause from competitors. Adding compelling content that meets your audience's needs via videos, blogs, email campaigns and social media is one way build a following. Beyond just proving your credibility, you must also find a way to share your message that will make you stand out from the crowd. People will visit because you stand out, but they will stay and get involved if they feel they are valued.

Convert visitors into donors with the help of online fundraising strategies that are woven across your organization's social media platforms. Donation processing has been overhauled and is much simpler thanks to advances in technology. Potential donors are more likely to answer a call to action if they trust the security of the funds transfer process.

Hub & Spoke is an award winning non profit website design firm that will maximize your non profit's exposure and steer people in the right direction to join the fight for your cause.