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Every industry has its unique challenges. Here's a few we really know how to help.

Any size, any location, any challenge. We're here to help.

Every industry is unique, with its own difficulties when it comes to marketing and communication. At Hub & Spoke, we've come to know certain sectors exceptionally well while working with a broad group of clients, ranging from non-profits and healthcare companies to small businesses and professional service firms.

non-profit website design

Non-Profit & Advocacy

Inspire people to rally behind your cause with our award winning non-profit, advocacy and membership association web design. We help maximize exposure by offering branding services that will make you stand out from the crowd. Volunteers and donors are drawn in by strong brands that connect with their desire to be a part of something important. Using social media to share your story and promote online fundraising efforts can increase engagement and reinforce your mission.

Healthcare & Medical

Successful website design in today's technological world is responsive and easy to navigate, especially in the medical and healthcare industry. Innovative marketing strategies and print design to help attract patients who seek reliable and quality care and advice. Our award winning design is HIPAA compliant and communicates your credibility while setting you apart from your competitors.

medical marketing solution
small business

Small Business

Visibility is crucial for small businesses to achieve success online. We optimize your website to boost search engine ranking so you will get noticed. Our branding services help you take full advantage of every opportunity available to form an emotional connection with your target audience. We help establish an innovative marketing plan that will create loyal customers and ensure your growth as a business.

Professional Services

We design professional services websites that communicate the unique aspects of your approach to prevent you from getting lost in the crowd. Whether introduced online or with the help of our print design services, fresh content keeps clients coming back for more as they look to you for solutions. If professional services are what you have to offer, we can help you create and build a strong brand as it is more important than ever in boosting your credibility.

restaurant website design


In the world of B2B (or business to business) marketing, having a competitive advantage is a must. At Hub & Spoke, we help you look the part with our proven, award-winning experience. With research driven design, we're there to help you target new leads and increase the sales funnel.


Standing out in a crowd is important in B2C (or business to customer) marketing. With experience crafting brands for shops, salons, restaurants and more, we know how to market to customers. From websites that work on all devices to professional logo and print design, we're here to help.

higher education marketing and design
restaurant website design

Food, Beverage & Restaurants

Visual appeal and design consistency are key factors in successful food and beverage marketing. High quality photos and promotional videos bring mouthwatering images to life on your website. Our branding and print design services work together to take your menu and product labels to the next level. We help you create long-term customer connections in the food service industry.

Higher Education & Learning

A user-friendly website that offers quick access to pertinent information keeps visitors engaged, while a modern design works on all devices. Higher education web design relies on multiple factors to positively influence undecided students. We also offer print design to establish visual identity and solidify your institution's brand and credibility.

higher education marketing and design

Construction, Architecture & Real Estate

Quality work deserves to stand out from the crowd, especially since it is your work that represents who you are as a business. We help build a strong brand to communicate the credibility of your business and the integrity of your work. Your website is designed to feature your projects and customer testimonials. We integrate social media to boost search engine ratings to help drive sales and build brand awareness.

Trey Bistro"Hub & Spoke worked with me, not just for me. They helped create a unified brand for our website, menus and print ads and really was able to capture the spirit of Trey Bistro in everything they crafted."

Trey Quinlan, Chef/Owner of Trey Bistro

No matter the industry or business type, we're here to help you find focus. Whether you're a membership-driven organization, start-up, magazine publisher, etc., we'll be able to bring our unique perspective and experience to the conversation to create an engaging and empowering outcome. With locations in St. Louis and Columbia, Missouri, we're here to help.

With offices in St. Louis and Columbia, Missouri, and serving clients nationwide, we're here to help you find focus for your marketing and creative design through our range of services including website design, print design, branding, video production and marketing strategy. Our award winning team is here to help!