Healthcare & Medical Marketing

Marketing tailored to reaching patients.

First Impressions Only Happen Once, Make it a Good One

Healthcare website design must not only attract, but engage prospective patients. Yes, visually appealing sites will draw people in, but it is the responsiveness and ease of use that keep people coming back. The longer a person stays on a website, the more likely they are to initiate communication. Make it easy for people to respond to your call of action regardless of the electronic device they are using. The evolution of smartphones requires medical web design to adapt, allowing people to reach-out when they're on the go.

Build Connections

Healthcare marketing strategies take into account the target audience. Prospective patients may visit your website to learn what services you offer and to get a feel for your practice. Using videos and blog posts to educate in an informal environment helps you establish credibility in your field. Testimonials from current patients builds trust that you deliver what your website advertises.

Social media gives healthcare providers more opportunities to connect with current and prospective patients. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Reddit offer additional channels to reach people in need of your services. Keep patients updated on innovations in care, offer webinars or establish support groups to ensure return visits and ultimately, conversion.

An added bonus of using a healthcare creative agency will guarantee your website is HIPAA Compliant. An experienced agency can guide you in how to best build online relationships without crossing that invisible line.

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