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Branding 101: Copywriting Matters in Branding

You might be reading this article for several reasons. Perhaps a social media post that piqued your interest brought you here. Perhaps you’re conducting research on marketing and branding agencies in St. Louis for a project you’re working on. Perhaps you’re simply scrolling through headlines of interest while you’re in line at the grocery store.

It hardly matters how you got here; you’re here because you need clarity on a specific topic: copywriting.

When it comes to branding, copywriting is a powerful factor. From your brand’s foundation to the content you send out to potential customers, copywriting is mandatory. Ultimately, your copywriting’s quality defines how your brand is perceived. Let’s review some branding components that stress how important copywriting is. Continue Reading

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What goes into effective and engaging website copy?

While there’s an increasing emphasis on including engaging visuals and video in website design, we believe that nothing will ever take the place of well-written copy. We call content one of our four keys to a successful website.

We’ve assembled some key questions to help you establish your intentions and objectives for the copy, or written content, on your site. These questions are relevant whether your own team produces your content or you work with Hub & Spoke or another provider.

Although it might not be necessary to recreate the existing content you have, the following questions will establish a foundation, whether you are making small changes or need something entirely new. Continue Reading

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Creating Attractive Website Content That Fosters Engagement

It’s common knowledge that the average person’s attention span is increasingly short. We all live busier, faster lives than we used to live. This is especially true here on the internet, where we’re constantly bombarded by content and moving on to the next thing—whatever it is—only takes a click.


Nonetheless, people are quite willing to stick around if what they’re watching or reading is helpful and engaging, and it provides new insights and robust knowledge. This is where quality content comes in. Continue Reading

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