Our Process

Driven by data and analytics, we work to fully understand your problems, needs and desires to help you find focus. From creating a website design that works on all devices, to a handcrafting a brand that conveys your message, we're here to help you empower and engage.

Nimble creative agency in St. Louis and Columbia, Missouri working with nonprofits, healthcare and much more.


At the beginning of a new project, we work to gain an understanding of what differentiates you from everyone else, and how those differences are relevant to your audience. We look at all the data available, including analytics, market surveys, reports, etc., to gain a deeper understanding and couple that with our industry experience.

Design & Develop

Handcrafting a design with the utmost detail, we work to cut through the clutter and focus on how to create the best possible user experience while making your information actionable. Then, using the latest technology and integrations (such as MailChimp, Stripe and Salesforce), we develop it into a working website, brand identity, design, etc.

Integrate, Test & Check

Next, we work to bring it all together, integrating your content (or helping you create it), while testing all functionality and ensuring effectiveness. During this period, we also test websites for cross platform (responsive web design) compatibility.

Launch & Support

Finally, after a thorough review, we launch the project and provide you with the tools necessary to utilize your website design to the fullest and ensure a lasting relationship. From training and support documentation to always being there for your questions, at Hub & Spoke, we're here to help!