Four keys to look for in a successful website

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Appropriate visual aesthetic, intriguing content, and usability are essential to a website’s success. Keep reading to learn four elements to a successful website…


Quality art
A company logo is something that customers remember, so you’ll want it to be eye-catching, indicative of your company’s overall aesthetic, and readable as a symbol for your business or organization. Top-notch photography that grabs and maintains a user’s attention is a must.

Depending on the industry, different websites may have strike very different visual tones. For instance, a daycare might have a fun, colorful and whimsical look, while a family therapist might employ a more stark atmosphere, using darker tones and a more toned-down logo. No matter the industry, an up-to-date, professional look is absolutely key.

No marketing method has the power to engage a viewer so completely as video. From customer and employee testimonials, to mission statements from business owners, to simple explainers, video has the power to directly engage a costumer face to face.

Nothing else can match its ability to convey sincerity and transparency. Here’s an example of a video that tells our story in a quick and powerful way:

When well made, a video can ensure that a viewer takes action. Relevant videos on a web page can increase a sense of trust and accountability. It can even be a big boost to your search ranking.

Perhaps the most important factor when improving on or creating a site is its usability. How easy is it to navigate the site? Are the headers clearly marked? Do all the links work? Does the text match the images? What is the overall user experience?

Many users will immediately move past a business with an improperly working site. That’s why it is often best not to go public until everything is ready. Your website should work across all platforms (laptop, desktop, and mobile) and in every major browser.

Many companies keep a well-maintained blog in order to attract customers and give customers better insight into the nature of the business.

The company blog should have daily to monthly posts of relevant content. This content must be well-written, intriguing, and should utilize key words as naturally as possible.

For example, if a company is a gardening supply store, throughout the writing will be key words such as “garden tools”, “gardening tips”, and so on. In this case, the content could be anything from gardening tips, to info about seasonal promotions, to news about the latest scientific findings in horticulture. This will ensure that when someone does an Internet search for gardening, your article will pop up, and they will be directed to your site.

There are many ways to position your website for success. Implement just these tactics, and watch your clicks increase!

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