The Five Myths Behind Your Company’s Online Presence

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Let’s face it, there’s a lot of advice out there, especially when it comes to marketing.

Everyone claims to be an expert; everyone thinks they can help you be #1 on Google. Good luck. Being found online is about more than a pretty website design. It takes strategy, thoughtfulness and, of course, eye-catching design.

So, what are the biggest pitfalls people believe about their website?

People find us so it must be working
You already have a website, or maybe just a Facebook page, and customers keep finding you. So, why invest in updating your online image?

It pays to look professional, whether that means growing or solidifying your place as the market leader for your business.

Visuals Don’t matter
They do. 65% of your audience are visual learners, so even if you don’t think your product is photogenic, get creative.

Explainer videos and photo tours are replacing text, making websites more inviting and engaging people more directly for new leads.

Social media? “yeah i post some stuff”
Social media is hard. Aside from promoting your business regularly, you have to manage reviews and customer feedback and stay current.

Most people “wing it” and don’t have a content calendar, leading them to miss opportunities for planning out a true course. Plus, do you know how to track social impressions to ensure a return on investment (whether that’s money or your time)?

You need to spend a lot of money on advertising.
It’s all about the right mix. Whether that’s magazine ads, television, Google Ads, social media or just having a website.

By looking over various data points, you can determine a true course and chart a marketing plan to spend money wisely with measurable results.

Content? We have an about page!
Ranking in search takes more than just a few pages, it takes strategy. Content, and regularly updating your website can help make that happen.

Questions about how to improve your strategy or how the puzzle all fits together? Happy to talk and help make you stand out online with award winning website design and marketing strategy. — or 888-573-4482


This post originally appeared in Inside Columbia’s CEO Magazine.


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