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Helping simplify health insurance planning for The Insurance Group

Insurance isn’t always the flashiest of industries, but it represents stability and safety for many businesses and families.

Working with The Insurance Group for many years, we’ve been able to help them hone their message and design, through websites, print materials and even sales presentations.

Based in Columbia, with offices in St. Louis, The Insurance Group focuses on delivering quality insurance products with a personalized, hands-on experience, similar to Hub & Spoke’s customer service promise.

We recently launched a new database-driven insurance calculator tool for the company, giving it a leg up on informing and educating its corporate customers and their employees. The tool, which was custom-built in the Laravel PHP framework, features a Bootstrap-based design and a wealth of options.

From HSAs to medical expenses, the calculator allows TIG’s corporate clients to test different scenarios, seeing how it will potentially impact their healthcare costs and deductibles.

“The web application has been very well received with our client base, and we continue to expand its usage,” said Jason Swindle of The Insurance Group. “This continued partnership has helped us offer new levels of service to our customers online, while using one web agency has made communication and the development process easy as we work to refine our strategy on the web.”

No matter the size or type of project, Hub & Spoke is ready to help you find focus. From custom website design that works on all devices, known as responsive web design, to custom database solutions, we’re here to help. Let’s talk today about how our award-winning team can help you online.

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5 Tips on getting a better website design

Everyone with a website daydreams of their site being the first one that pops up on a search engine results page. That sort of thing isn’t likely to happen overnight. After all, there’s a lot of competition out there and undoubtedly more than one website talking about the exact same thing you are.

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Why WordPress rocks as a content management system

What is a content management system anyway?

Simply put, a content management system is a central interface that allows you to publish, edit, organize and delete content from your website. Content management systems (CMS) are most often used on websites that have more than one component: such as sites that offer shopping, a blog and a general news and information area.

CMS makes your life much easier when maintaining a website. While you do have to have some computer knowledge to use a CMS, you do not have to understand HTML or how to code.

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10 reasons I should get a new website design

In many cases, your website serves as your first introduction to your audience. First impressions are everything, as I am sure you have learned on first dates, job interviews and business meetings. If your website doesn’t turn on the charm and offer its visitors useful information they are compelled to share, it’s probably not leaving your audience with a great first impression. Continue Reading

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