Why WordPress rocks as a content management system

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What is a content management system anyway?

Simply put, a content management system is a central interface that allows you to publish, edit, organize and delete content from your website. Content management systems (CMS) are most often used on websites that have more than one component: such as sites that offer shopping, a blog and a general news and information area.

CMS makes your life much easier when maintaining a website. While you do have to have some computer knowledge to use a CMS, you do not have to understand HTML or how to code.

So, unless you are a super star coder (or you’re going to hire someone who is), it’s pretty clear you’re going to need a CMS. What’s the best choice? WordPress.

If you need some convincing (or you’re not familiar with how WordPress operates), here’s some reasons we think WordPress rocks as a content management system for your website design.

It’s easy AND free
Depending on your skill level and budget, you certainly can’t beat ease of use and free to use. While WordPress can be used as a simple blogging platform, it can also be used to create websites that are very powerful.

In fact, even major businesses use it to manager their company’s website. For the individual trying to navigate building a website on their own, WordPress is intuitive and there’s tons of free training.

Makes SEO a breeze
The code used to run WordPress websites is simple. This makes it easier for search engines to find and index your website. You can also install plugins that will boost your SEO even more.

On top of that, any page or blog post you publish can be given it’s own title, description and meta tags, which allows for even richer search engine optimization.

Responsive themes
Everyone knows the importance of having a website that’s optimized for all the devices and platforms people use to search the web. Now more than ever, there are more responsive themes available.

That means your WordPress website will automatically adjust to fit the size of the browser it’s being viewed on.

WordPress isn’t brand new
Sure, a lot of people are talking about WordPress and a lot of people use WordPress to run their website. Still, it’s not a content management system that’s just starting out.

That’s crucial for you, because the bugs have been worked out. This is a CMS that’s been tested and refined to best serve its users.

You can be as big or as small as you want
As your business or organization grows, so too can your WordPress website. You don’t have to worry that the more pages you add, the more likely you’ll be to run into glitches or technical issues. It’s not going to happen. The sky is the limit to how many pages and blog posts your website can have AND still perform well.

Does WordPress rock as a content management system? Yes.

If you’re not using WordPress to manage all the components of your website, should you? Yes.

Why? For these reasons:

  • It’s easy and free.
  • It’s SEO friendly.
  • Responsive themes are available for an optimum mobile experience.
  • WordPress is over 10 years old.
  • It’s scalable to meet your expanding business needs.

When looking for a content management system to meet all of your needs, look no further then WordPress.

Interested in how we can design you a website that takes advantage of the power of WordPress? Contact us today to learn more.

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