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Responsive: A Buzzword or Something I Need?


In a world of constant technological change, responsive web design (RWD) has become a constant when designing websites for viewers to access regardless of the size of their screen sizes. Based on flexible, fluid grids, RWD delivers a quality user experience whether the site is accessed on a large computer screen or a small smartphone one.

Why has RWD Become Such a Popular Buzzword?

In the very recent past, businesses had to decide whether or not to expand their web properties to include sites for mobile access. This generally meant two sites; one for desktop or laptop screens, and one for smaller mobile phone screens. Enter tablets, smart devices, HD screens and before you know it you would have to have a multitude of sites to reach every screen size and resolution on the market.

RWD allows for the creation of one site that works equally well on any screen size or mobile device. Carefully designed to be adaptive and flexible with the varying sizes and resolutions, RWD is flexible, it adapts and it just works!

Is RWD Enough for My Business?

Considering RWD is adaptable and flexible for many uses instead of creating sites for each type of screen and resolution, many people wonder if a responsive design site is “enough”.  Contrary to the concept of simplification, a RWD site is NOT necessarily simplistic. It is meant to simplify and reduce costs for your web real estate only. The sophistication and design elements are up to you and your design team.

Companies of all sizes are using RWD with great success for their businesses. Perhaps the most glaring example is Microsoft, and their creation of Windows 8. Although Windows 8 is an operating system and not a web site, it gives you an idea of the flexibility behind RWD. The operating system is designed so it is easy to use and migrate from one screen type to another with very little difference in input techniques. Have you noticed the new styling of Microsoft’s website holdings recently? Their sites are also built upon RWD, and adapt well from one screen type to another.

Disney is another massive corporation that has embraced responsive web design and done so very successfully. Users can expect the same experience when they log on from their smartphones as they do when they log on from a desktop pc.

Make RWD Work for You

With mobile devices expected to overtake desktop and laptop usage before the end of 2014, it is time to make a move to ensure you do not lose out on valuable users. Call or contact us to discuss how we can make RWD work for you.

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Mobile Web Site Design: A Primer


We can all agree, being accessible on mobile is a priority. That’s where most agreement about mobile sites end.

Businesses seem to be fixated on a simple mobile site, one that’s cheap and has almost no information. I feel as if I am always asking clients, why not have a full site on mobile, with great content, and at a great price?

I recently read an ad promoting mobile website design in Columbia, Mo. It’s a great idea, providing mobile ready websites to businesses needing to expand information to consumers…Now here comes the problem: the mobile site is a separate site from the original, which probably has great content, information and it’s own flair.

Thinking you only need basic information, like an address and phone number, is limiting potential.

The mobile site is stripping down the meat of the site.

Users who visit your website from a mobile device are automatically directed to the mobile version. When they can’t find what they are looking for, they switch to the full site. Herein lies the problem.

Full website viewing was not intended to take place on a tiny screen, leaving an irritating experience for users. Constantly zooming in and out and scrolling around the page is definitely not my cup of tea, and I’m guessing not many others either.

What’s the solution?

We believe in responsive web design, which creates a website that works on desktop and mobile. We create one site that is accessible on mobile and scales properly, giving a rich experience to customers using mobile devices.

Having a mobile site which is also your full website can take the frustration away from customers and unify an already great website.


With responsive web design, we bring the capability of full desktop and mobile browsing into one. WIth responsive web design, the website will automatically format to the screen size the customer is using. No longer are two separate websites, mobile and desktop, needed.

We know without a well constructed web experience customers are less likely to come back. Together we’ll work to achieve your ultimate goal and bring you the best the web has to offer. We are your Columbia, MO experts in web design, responsive web design and graphic design.

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