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Many businesses spend a lot of time developing the perfect logo or slogan, but don’t realize the importance of ensuring every part of their company offers a cohesive image.


Companies work on content marketing in an attempt to connect with people on a personal level; however, many companies are making mistakes when it comes to a certain aspect of social media: content sharing.

How often do you see a company’s Twitter page comment on a recent event in the news, or share a variation of a popular meme as a way to attempt to connect with consumers?

This is a common occurrence with many companies, and if you pay attention to the minutiae, you’re likely to notice that, often, the content the company is sharing doesn’t align with its particular values or message.

Sharing content can be an important part of branding and shouldn’t be neglected, but it’s very important to consider whether the content you’re sharing is furthering your brand and establishing company values. If not, you may be undoing your own hard work.

Let’s look at a hypothetical example. A given company has worked hard to establish that it values team effort and ensuring employees feel like they matter. Through a lot of hard work and diligent content marketing, the company has shown consumers that it embodies the value of teamwork.

However, one day, the company shares a viral video that displays a basketball player making exceptional plays and getting all the attention from fans. This company has just sent out a confusing message to potential customers: the company says that it values team effort, but its social media profile says otherwise.

Making sure that every piece of content shared by your company remains aligned with the values your brand stands for is an excellent way to improve and maintain your company’s public image.

Focusing on this subtle technique can help your company grow and gain trust as it looks to grow.

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