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Hub & Spoke recognized for print design and branding work in annual GD USA awards

Hub & Spoke has won seven American Graphic Design Awards from magazine Graphic Design USA, marking the third straight year of wins for the agency and its most ever in this particular competition.

Honoring the best in graphic and print design for over five decades, GD USA’s annual flagship awards competition recognizes the best work in the industry picked from over 10,000 entries.

Hub & Spoke’s winning work ranges the creative spectrum, from logo design and branding projects to poster design and social media marketing campaigns.

The winning work includes:

Logo Design for Cyntexa Health

Logo Design for John Wilhoit

Logo Design for Figment

Billboard Design for Columbia Farmers Market “Food From Home” Campaign

Poster Design for Missouri Contemporary Ballet’s “Surge”

“Find Focus” social campaign for Hub & Spoke

About Hub & Spoke

Hub & Spoke is a full-service web design and creative agency in St. Louis, Missouri. Hub & Spoke works with a diverse mix of clients in healthcare, advocacy, non-profit and professional services to help them find focus for their marketing and creative design, online and offline.

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Capturing energy and movement for Missouri Contemporary Ballet’s ‘Live’

For nearly five years, since our launch, we’ve had a firm commitment to bringing our talents to bear in helping non-profits and the arts at Hub & Spoke.

One of our longest collaborators has been the Missouri Contemporary Ballet. From transforming their company’s design through a modern and flexible rebrand to launching a complete, responsive-web-design makeover, to designing their annual show posters and playbills, we’ve been there to help.

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Branding 101: How to Make It Happen

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As such, one of the soundest investments a business can make is branding, particularly if the organization isn’t growing to expectations, is trying to expand, or hoping to refresh its image.

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