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Getting customers to visit your website once is a feat all its own. Once that happens, you need to figure out how to keep them coming back. After all, visiting  your site once out of boredom or curiosity isn’t enough to sustain a business.

In order to have a highly ranked and successful website, you need repeat business. People need to make your website part of their routine. They need to visit often, so you turn a profit. How do you keep your customers coming back for more? Here are three ideas.

Content, content, content

Don’t underestimate the importance of content on your website. Not only does your website need to contain meaningful information for your customer base, but you need to continuously update it. Customers don’t want to keep returning to a website to find the same old information. If you are not updating the content on your website regularly, you are basically telling your customers you’re not serious about your business, and have better things to do.

Start a blog

This sort of goes along with content, but it’s not exactly the same thing. Your blog should be in addition to the content of your main website. Basically, your blog is another promotional tool for your main website. It’s also an opportunity to personally connect with your audience.

You don’t want blog posts that are boring and re-hash information already on your website. A blog should give your customers a behind-the-scenes look at your business. For instance if you are promoting a new product, you can write blog posts examining:

  • research involved in this new product

  • a behind-the-scenes look at how the product was made

  • the inspiration for the product

  • unique uses for the product

Get in their inbox

If you’ve never thought seriously about starting a newsletter for your website, you should. Customers like to stay connected with their favorite products and services. One really easy way to keep customers connected is to offer a free newsletter or ask them to join a mailing list. If your customers are interested in these services that means they want to know more about you!

Your newsletter can tell customers about new information on your website, offer special promotions or tell of new products. People who sign up for these updates are likely to click on the links in the newsletter and check out the featured information on your site.

Final Insights

Everyone who has a website wants visitors and more than that they want those visitors to keep returning. There are three things you can do to better connect with your customers: content, blogging and newsletters.

These suggestions may seem almost too simple, but your website is essentially about sharing your ideas. To do so effectively, you need to have engaging content. From there you can encourage repeat clicks with an entertaining blog that takes readers behind the curtain of your business. A newsletter or mailing list can help keep you in your customers thoughts whenever they check their email- maybe even when they didn’t know they need you. The key to getting customers back to your website is to give them something they want or need.

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