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Search Engine Optimization Trends

You have likely heard the buzz about the release of Hummingbird, Google’s new search engine algorithm. Google recently unveiled the new algorithm publicly, though it launched in August. The change to the search engine is an effort to better interpret complex queries and provide relevant information to users. It focuses on matching each word in a query to build upon its knowledge graphing. When a user searches for a particular business, for instance, Google will pull up its hours of operation, address, pictures and any relevant information. Likewise, If a user asks a question, “What is the capital of Honduras?” the answer Tegucigalpa is displayed at the top. For all those who were curious.

Prior to Hummingbird, Google had released other algorithms called Panda and Penguin. Over the past two years, these new algorithms have effectively obliterated previously successful search engine optimization (SEO) practices. The ugly truth is that in order to rank highly in search engines, companies must follow completely new protocol. Hub & Spoke is well acquainted with these changes and is offering the following services to help push your business to the top of search engine rankings.


On-Page SEO

Regardless of how well written your content is, search engine crawlers are not likely to index your site if your on-page SEO is not done properly. In order for the web crawlers to index all of your pages and rank them highly, there is a list of criteria that must be followed and some restructuring that must be done. Without this on-page optimization for your whole site, you may be missing a large portion of traffic due to low ranking on your key words and phrases. The team members at Hub & Spoke have mastered the art of On-Page SEO.

Establish Local Online Presence

As more and more people turn to mobile devices as information sources, establishing a local online presence is becoming critical for businesses. Search engine algorithms will continue to be updated to make local searches more relevant to Web users. Your site must be optimized to ensure that your business is not only included in search results, but also returned in an optimal location on the first page of results. Hub & Spoke can help you establish your local online presence to ensure that your potential customers can find you.


Engaging Content

As a result of the changes in search engine algorithms, companies will need to make major adjustments to the style of their content. In terms of your site’s search engine rankings, it is no longer beneficial to simply use “keyword-stuffed” content. In order to rank highly in search engine results, your site must be filled with fresh, engaging content that uses natural language for SEO keyword placement. Hub & Spoke offers copywriting services designed to engage your audience and improve your SEO. We make it a point to understand your target market so we can tailor the content specifically to them.

Social Media and Link Building

Creating social media campaigns with active blogs helps to ensure that you consistently have fresh content on your Website. People have the tendency of sharing online information with their circles when they come across content that is engaging, useful, and entertaining. Utilizing social media and blogging can significantly improve your search engine ranking and help build reputable links to your site. Ask us about social media management for your business.

Paid Advertising

If you choose to invest in paid advertising to gain exposure, the marketing and advertising experts at Hub & Spoke can help you determine where your dollars will be best invested. If expenses are not employed strategically, the Internet can rapidly consume an advertising budget with very little return on investment. Let us help you maximize your advertising returns.

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