Now Is the Time: Top Changes Non-Profits Can Make to Their Marketing for 2015

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The new year is here and that means a fresh start, a time of new budgets and new goals.

If you’re involved with a non-profit organization, you might be thinking about your marketing plans and strategy for the New Year. Have you had to set outreach aside for the more pressing operational challenges that come up every day? More programs to run, more hats to wear and always the question of how to make it all happen!

Here are three changes you can make to your marketing this year to help you reach more people, more effectively:

1. Change how you think about marketing
First of all, you do have a marketing plan, right? Even though you aren’t for-profit, you’re still asking people to make choices about money.

That means you need to plan how you’re going to reach them and what actions you want them to take when you do. Marketing is the process of getting your information to people, no matter what size your budget. Find a way to devote some resources to marketing because it’s essential for continued success.

2. Change how you think about branding
As a service or message-based organization, you need strong communication to get people’s attention and support. Just like the for-profits, non-profits should use elements of their brand wherever possible. Create a strong identity with logos, colors, slogans, and photos so your audience recognizes you on the web and in print.

Website design for non profits

3. Change how you think about the Internet
Get mobile and get social. More people are accessing the Internet on portable devices like smartphones and tablets than ever before.

Make your website easy to navigate and your donations page simple to use. Use social media to keep the conversation going with your supporters. It’s an inexpensive and easy way to reach your audience in order to communicate news, share photos, address concerns, email members and more. Let them know who you are and what you care about!

By borrowing a few tips from the world of for-profits, you can better reach the people whose support and dollars matter. Consider updating your website design or logo design, and call a marketing agency when it’s time to rev up your outreach for the best year yet!

We’re Here to Help
At Hub & Spoke, we work with many non-profits, helping them through the same problems you’re probably facing. Shrinking budgets, no time and increased goals… we’ve heard it all. Contact us today to see how we can help, or view some of our case studies.

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