What is “share worthy”?

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How much do you know about content marketing?

It’s certainly one of the buzz phrases you hear people using when they are talking about SEO or search engine optimization. Content marketing’s focus is on creating consistently relevant and valuable information or content for a well defined target audience. The overall goal of creating this content is that it will encourage your consumers to act in a way to increase profit.

It’s not enough to have the same pairs of eyeballs visiting your website every day. In order to make content marketing truly successful your content needs to be considered “share worthy” by your every day consumers. The name pretty much says it all. You want consumers of your content to tell their friends and family about it, so they tell their friends and family and well you get the idea. Oh yeah, and you want them to ‘Like’ it on Facebook, Tweet about it on Twitter and share it across other social media platforms they use.

The goal of all content marketing (in addition to be being shared) is to help build your brand and therefore build your business. Content marketing is just another extension of what your company stands for and thus needs to be of a caliber you are proud to stand behind.

Keys to “share worthy” content marketing

What’s important to your target audience?

You can’t expect to have share worthy content if your audience has no interest in it. In order to create a successful content marketing campaign you need to have a clear understanding of what information your target audience is going to find interesting and valuable. This is the only way you can expect your consumer to share your content across social media platforms and directly with friends and family.

Make a list

This strategy borrows from sites like Buzzfeed. Lists are a great way to get your content shared. They are usually a quick read and easily understandable. The important thing when creating a list is it needs to make an emotional connection with your audience. For example, if your company offers a number of products that you somehow arrange in a list for potential customers, you want your audience to say they want or need the items on your list.

Deliver your message visually

Infographics have become a popular way to share information. Like lists, they are easily interpreted and when done well and made relevant are frequently shared. It’s best to work with a graphic designer when trying to present information in a visual manner.

Don’t forget about first impressions

If you’re not putting much thought into the title of your content, you’re making a mistake. Titles for your content need to be well crafted and describe how your content is going to be valuable for your audience. When titling your content make it concise, descriptive, interesting and actionable. Titles are also a key component of your SEO.

When you are thinking about share worthy content, think about the idea of supply and demand. If your target audience doesn’t find your content interesting or useful they will not share it and there will be no demand for more. Creating share worthy content is all about what you say and how you say it.

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