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No longer do the “in your face” marketing tactics of the past work to win buyers over. In fact, many of them are actually turned off by marketers who try to force their products on them. As marketing strategies evolve, business owners are learning that the indirect approach of inbound marketing works better to win customers over.

Inbound marketing uses a combination of blogging, social media, SEO and webpages to attract customers to your business. Instead of taking your product or service to the customer, they come to you. You can follow these tips for the savvy and use inbound marketing to build your customer base.

Blog regularly to draw people in
Routine blogging makes it easier for visitors to find your webpages when they type in keywords that are related to your products and services. Remember, when people stumble across your blog, they don’t want to be slapped in the face with keyword-stuffed content that’s barely legible. They want to be engaged by content that is well written and valuable. Sloppy posts, infographics and pictures will cause visitors to leave your site and never come back.

Use SEO wisely
When web users have questions, they use search engines to find the answers. Pick your keywords analytically and wisely so you optimize your pages to make it easier for potential buyers to find your website. Although SEO is an important piece of the inbound marketing puzzle, don’t get carried away with keywording. Instead, make quality and usefulness the focal points of any content you post on your site.

Keep your webpages practical
Your website represents your brand, so keep the pages clean and optimized to appeal to your target buyer. The site should be clutter-free, and easy to read and navigate. If web users find your site tedious to use, they aren’t going to waste their energy learning about your products.

Nurture through social media
Inbound marketing relies on sharing the content you create with the people who are most likely to buy your products. Publishing on social media allows you to share excellent content with your target buyers in a way that’s interactive and engaging.

No longer are buyers impressed by pushy sales tactics. They prefer a gentler approach. If you want to draw them in, you have to market in a way that appeals to them. Inbound marketing gives buyers the chance to interact with your brand so they grow to trust it. This puts the customer in control and gives them the power to decide when and if they want to buy what you’re selling.

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