4 Ways To Tell Your Company’s Story Through Video

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Video has quickly become one of the most important marketing assets for businesses in all industries. If there’s any doubt, just look at the latest updates in social media: Facebook Live and Instagram’s story feature.


Companies are taking advantage of this trend to market themselves to their current and prospective customers. In fact, a well-crafted video that tells your story could be just what you need to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

The key to storytelling for a business, however, is incorporating the right elements in such a way that you transform your viewers into clients.


The most direct way to tell your story is through your company executives or employees.

Interviews shot with these folks is a way for the audience to meet the real people behind the scenes. A testimonial from a current client can also be a great way to inform the viewer, and as a bonus, you have someone vouching for you and your services.


The B-roll will depict what your employee is talking about in the video. It’s basically supplemental footage that is intercut with the main shot. Not only that, but it can serve as an editing lifesaver.

For example, if you have five minutes of someone talking, you can add some B-roll to break it up. It is helpful in constructing the narrative and making you hold the audience’s attention with visual interest.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are another element you can use to engage your prospective clients.

This animated or digital footage helps illustrate and underscore vital information. You can use it to draw out a diagram for an instructional video, relay statistics in an infographic, or add bullet points to emphasize the main takeaways of the video.


Oftentimes, a cut can feel dry, but the right music will breathe life right into it. It also informs the audience of the tone of the video, and adds more depth to the viewer experience.

Integrating these four elements into your company videos will be crucial in communicating your story in an informative yet engaging way.

With the average person’s attention span falling to only eight seconds, you need to grab your audience and give them interesting content. The bottom line is this – in a world of incessant scrolling and swiping, create the content that will be clicked on.

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