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An explainer video is a video introduction to a new business or a new product. The videos are usually short, 2-3 minute videos grouped into meaningful, navigable categories. An explainer video ought to explain what the business is all about, what it can be used for and why anyone should want to be part of it. Sometimes, the videos are created and used even before the product is finished to arouse interest in potential customers.

For a start-up business, an explainer video is a really worthwhile marketing tool.


You’ve invested some cash into the production of a website or an app, and, certainly, you would love to earn some funds. To do that, somebody must see your app on the website and the person has to be convinced that the app is precisely what they may need. A quality explainer video can provide you with a desired distinction.

Helping Create Results
It’s hard to argue with results, and that’s why explainer videos have gained massive following in recent times.

If your business is perhaps product based, you can create a video demonstrating how the products are used, similar to what we did for AZZ Central Electric. They had a new product coming to market and needed a way to showcase it at a convention. We delivered with an explainer video that showcased the features of their new product.

Once people get to know how the product is used, they will be more likely to buy it. Explainer videos give you a good forum to demonstrate the benefits of the product as well.

One of our Explainer Video

YouTube may be a good place to start, but check out videos posted on social media and video blogs.

The more videos you view, the more ideas you will find and the faster you will come up with your content. Demonstrate how well-informed you are on your topic. However, you have to use descriptions and words that everyone understands. This is particularly important if the video deals with abstract formulas. If the product is difficult to understand or use, take your time to exhaustively explain how to use it.

The Best Way Forward
To succeed at explainer videos you must keep them short. Potential customers will not sit through a long 60-minutes advertisement. To get many views, make videos that are very short and to the point.

You also have to know that the more videos you make, the more viewers you get. Making videos on regular basis will keep the viewers interested and hence keep coming back to see more.

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Do not be too complicated in your video. If technical language must be used, make another video to offer a deeper understanding into the topic for the advanced viewer. Remember, you want to skim the surface and help folks understand in a quick introduction to your product.

Explainer video for Brookside

Explainer Videos have gained loyal following, mainly because of its potential to produce amazing results for those who are willing to try. By paying attention to the methods that work and the ones that are less successful, it’s possible to get terrific results. Keep these tips at hand and you will be good to go.

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