Putting the focus on photography with Inside Columbia Magazine’s redesign

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Recently acquired by Zimmer, Inside Columbia Magazine has long been one of Columbia’s go-to media destinations, taking readers inside unique spots for food, drinks and fun.

Last summer, we had the chance to help them rethink their website design, bringing our considerable magazine website design experience to the conversation. We’ve had the opportunity to design many lifestyle and business magazine websites, including websites promoting magazine events and their publishers. 

With each one, we’ve worked to help increase page views in a fragmented media world while providing insightful training and tips on email marketing and outreach.

magazine website design

By uncovering the data, we were able to deliver a website that included not just a stylish look but also robust functionality that helped them increase online readership and advertising opportunities.

With Inside Columbia Magazine, we worked to create a bold design with limited coloration, which allowed the publication’s photography to shine. The design, inspired by minimalist design principles, uses bold typography and seamlessly integrates the website’s key features, such as an events calendar, advertisements, and a multi-option newsletter signup.

We also helped the magazine transition some of its newsletter emails to MailChimp, our preferred email marketing platform.

Magazines are always evolving, changing with the publication and distribution of each issue. At Hub & Spoke, we helped create a unique framework for Inside Columbia Magazine to fill their online home with fresh imagery and stories, while having a website that worked on all devices through responsive website design.

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