Growing a brand for Momentum

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It’s not every day you get a chance to help “plant the seeds” of a new brand, but with Momentum Seeds, we had just that opportunity.

branding design for agri business

Owned by the Missouri Crop Improvement Association, Momentum Seeds is working to launch new varietals of soybean, wheat and corn seeds for independent farmers across the state.

Before we could craft the design, we first worked with MCIA to develop the name “Momentum Seeds,” reviewing hundreds of ideas, possibilities and ideas.

The branding process the took multiple rounds of revisions, but the final logo is a proud face for these┬áMissouri farmers, and avoids looking sterile and “corporate.”

The new look will roll out later this year as the seeds appear in farm co-ops across the state, along with packaging and a website.

Does your business have the look you want?

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