10 ways social media helps your business

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Technology changes the way many business owners conduct business. More than 70 percent of small business owners use social media to expand their brand and make a name for themselves. This is simple content marketing, where you place your message in front of consumers to educate and inform them. Here are ten ways social media help a business…

1. Spreading the Word
No one knows a business exists until the news travels by word-of-mouth or another form of advertisement. Word-of-mouth is the quickest way news travels. Social media spreads the word about a business by providing exposure. Social media allows business owners to reach their target audience and gain potential customers.

2. Social Media Wins the Popularity Contest
Social media is more popular than ever. Over 1 billion people use social media platforms. Many business owners are fond of using Facebook because it offers dynamic functionality and step-by-step instructions for making advertisements to send to their target audience.


3. Social Media is Free of Charge
One of the greatest features of social media is it is free to use. Although creating a social media account is free, business owners are required to pay for advertisements to their current customers and target audience. Social media platforms have more advanced advertising options that have associated fees, but getting set up is the easiest, and the most important, step.

4. Explore Ages and Demographics
Business owners are busy multi-tasking throughout the day, and they may not have time to check demographics and age ranges to advertise their business successfully. Social media allows business owners to set the age range and the locations to target with just a few clicks of the mouse. Regardless of how young or old the audience is for a business, there is a chance they are already using social media.

5. Make Good Use of Active Users
There are billions of active users on social media platforms. Business owners can use active users to help expand their business and gain ample exposure to gain new customers. Many social media users prioritize updating their status and checking their news feed before doing anything else in the morning and before going to bed. Most social media users login to their social media accounts at least once a day, and because of this, a business owner has an increased chance of having their business noticed.

6. Encourage the Age of Communication
Communication is essential in the business world. One thing business owners need to keep in mind is open communication, especially between a business and its customers. Social media allows followers and customers to interact with the business by allowing them to ask questions and leave comments.

7. Expand Your Customer Base with Perfect Customer Service
Customer service takes a business a long way as far as happy customers and a good reputation are concerned. Customers appreciate great service, open lines of communication, and instant gratification. Social media is an ideal way for a business to showcase their expertise within the customer service field. Social media creates a new standard to which consumers hold businesses. If a business doesn’t meet their standards, they may look elsewhere.

8. Share the Great News of Your Business
Social media is great for sharing business news with followers. Businesses can keep their customers up to date by updating statuses and sharing eventful news. This is one social media feature that allows businesses to inform customers of upcoming sales and special discount programs, and the rewards for a well-targeted, carefully timed promotion can be very substantial.

9. Social Media and Email Marketing
Thanks to the help of social media, businesses can quickly and easily share email newsletters with their customers by including a link to a contact or newsletter form on their social media pages. The response time is quicker than past methods of email marketing. This can help to expand an established customer base, or quickly build one for a new business.

10. The World of Social Media as We Know It
Social media is everywhere and continues to grow. Social media platforms are accessible from laptops, desktops, tablets, cell phones, and even some TVs. Businesses can take advantage of advanced social media technology to build a well-known national brand, all through some simple content marketing.

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