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Callaway County

Helping redesign the county's image online.

What we did:
Web Design
print design
“Callaway County’s website was very simplistic and user friendly for visitors to navigate, it allowed office holders to display public information in a more timely manner, it was just what we needed.” Gabe Craighead, Past County Commissioner

The Problem

Not many counties feel the need to update and expand with growing technology, but Callaway County, Missouri decided they needed a change. With the upgrade, county leaders wanted to strengthen their visual language to set Callaway apart. We took advantage of the challenge and created a website that could be easily displayed for all to view. A new look was designed to bring out the historical value and available resources to the community, state and beyond.

Our Solution

Being centrally located in the state of Missouri, Callaway County needed a new website to show off. We knew we had to create a website with easy access to county data while keeping the historical feel. Taking a minimalistic approach to design, we used a simple dual color technique, allowing for a easy viewing experience. With a simple touch and design, we ultimately helped Callaway County become reachable to all visitors from the community and those wanting to learn more.


Callaway County's website is now easily accessible and usable for residents. Users can now navigation quickly, find information and contact the appropriate person faster.

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