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Missouri Community College Association

A responsive website and a continued relationship

What we did:
Web Design, Graphic Design
print design

The Problem

The Missouri Community College Association (MCCA) decided it was time to update their brand, including their logo and website. MCCA is an advocacy and lobbying organization for the community colleges throughout the state of Missouri. They felt their brand needed an overhaul to better reflect the accomplishments of Missouri Community colleges. It was also important that this new website was easy for the staff to update.

Our Solution

Connecting Missouri Community Colleges with the public was the central focus of this project. In order to accomplish this, we did a full brand consultation with MCCA. This included market research which resulted in our recommendations on how to better connect MCCA’s brand with the public. To help MCCA stick to our plan, we created a comprehensive branding guide for them. Think of it as their roadmap to help them better connect with the communities they serve.

We also decided to power their website with WordPress. This allows association staff to easily update the website as needed. Keeping the content fresh enables MCCA to be more relevant and continuously highlight the achievements of the community colleges throughout Missouri.

print design


The new website makes updates easy for staff and can be viewed on all devices. MCCA has continued their relationship with us as we continue to help them improve their brand image, marketing and graphic design.