responsive web design for Ozark Mountain Biscuit Company

Ozark Mountain
Biscuit Company

Helping folks find hot biscuits with mobile tracking.

What we did:
Web Design, Photography
responsive web design for Ozark Mountain Biscuit Company
responsive web design for Ozark Mountain Biscuit Company
"Hub & Spoke worked closely with us to build a great looking website that accurately represents the Ozark Mountain Biscuit Co. brand. We demanded stylized simplicity with functionality across all platforms, and Hub & Spoke delivered." Bryan Maness, Chef/Owner of the Ozark Mountain Biscuit Company

The Problem

If you’ve visited major cities on either coast, you’ve probably come across a food truck or two. They attract quite a following and can offer a variety of cuisines. You might not necessarily associate Columbia, Missouri with the food truck trend, though. That’s why Ozark Mountain Biscuit Company sought us out. They wanted an easy way to let their customers know where they were going to be and at what time.

Ozark Mountain Biscuit Company wanted to get the word out about their new food truck and what they’d be serving up to customers. It was also very important that they be able to tell their story of being “Ozark Born & Raised.” After all, their background and tradition were the basis for the food they serve.

Our Solution

We designed the website “mobile first.” In order to eliminate the hassle of a user waiting for loading pages, we designed the website using a single-page design, which means all the content appears on one long page that scrolls. The website has a modern look with big pictures featuring Ozark Mountain Biscuit Company’s mouthwatering, made from scratch dishes.

The most important part of the project was to tell users where the biscuit truck was at any given time. To do this, we used a powerful Foursquare integration that maps the trucks location after they check in at a location.

responsive web design for Ozark Mountain Biscuit Company
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Mouth watering goodness, easily accessible and findable. That's what we were able to deliver. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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