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Early in my web design career, going way back to a just couple years ago. Building and creating sites was just a hobby I had. Using it setup fantasy leagues and any personal or creative stuff I felt like getting off my chest. All those years ago I thought templates, I admit it, were the way to go. They were fast and cheap. It was easy, since I was not that good at writing code. I could get my site up easily with no real work.

Was I sorely misinformed.

I discovered the art of web design soon after. So why does it appear that businesses today still want and use templated websites. I have no problem if a startup has to use one to get up and running. What about the larger corporations, the ones who have internal webmasters or marketing firms with several designers, of all capabilities, on staff.

Which leads me to the next unfortunate situation, web design firms who use templates for clients. I get that nails on a chalkboard moment when I hear this. Being proud of the work you do should be at the essence of the service business. How can design firms be proud of their work, when the majority was created by someone else. Furthermore, how can the client not feel as time and money have been wasted.

By no means do I want to sound negative or condescending. Sometimes when passion for the work you do and want to aspire for comes out in fits of contained outbursts.

What is about the template website that draws so many to it’s pseudo graces. I have a couple points, listed below, which I feel are the leading factors. But I continue to think there must another factor. Do businesses and/or consumer not know of any web design firms that they trust or like, or just not know of any.

Not to sound too one sided here is a quick run down.

There are a few advantages of templates:



-For the price, templated websites are fairly cheap to build off from.


-If needing a website quickly, templates have an advantage here.

There’s the drawbacks of templates:



-If it’s a good template, it has probably been sampled hundreds or thousands of times.  A website like every other is not unique; you’re just joining another face in the crowd.


-Creating from template, it will be hard for you or your brand to stand out. With


-With many templates, the creator has a copyright. Also, many images could be the property of someone else and the use of such images could cost more.


-To really get a template to what you want it needs to be, you are going to need someone who knows HTML and how to use it to get any benefit.

  • SEO

-Tracking your website’s search engine optimization can get tricky. Templates are not designed to be used for search engines to rank and organize data. Causing loss of time and money.

At Hub & Spoke, we use creativity and design to handcraft a perfect match for your company to its particular needs. No gimmicks, just hard-working individuals who know your business and what it needs to succeed. Whether its a how-to video, new or updated website, or a print ad, we’re your full service marketing partner.

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