How to Avoid 10 Email Marketing Blunders

Email Marketing

When done well, email marketing can be very successful when it comes to increasing sales and promoting awareness of a product or service. Unfortunately, it can be quite easy to make mistakes when it comes to email marketing. Here are ten blunders you should take care to avoid as an email marketer.

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1. Misleading Subject Line
One email marketing blunder you should avoid is writing misleading subject lines in order to entice your readers into viewing the email. If the subject lines of your emails constantly disappoint your readers, they will eventually lose trust in your brand. Therefore, you should avoid using over-the-top subject lines, especially if you know the actual content cannot live up to the hype.

2. No-reply Email Addresses
Another common email marketing mistake is the use of no-reply email addresses. In general, readers prefer more personalized emails to generalized emails. A no-reply email address will immediately indicate to your reader that the email they received was a mass email. This realization will likely discourage your audience from reading the email.

3. Offering No Value
It may be tempting to focus your email marketing efforts on simply selling as many products and services as possible. However, if you want your email marketing campaign to be truly successful, you need to offer something of true value to your readers, such as promotions or information about upcoming programs.

4. Lacking Creativity and Voice
When writing the emails for your audience, ensure you don’t forget to incorporate your unique voice. The last thing you want is to focus so much on selling products and services that your personality doesn’t shine through. In many cases, it is your unique style that hooks a reader in the first place.

5. Excessive Amount of CTAs
It is good practice to incorporate calls to action into emails intended for marketing. However, the emails should not be completely filled with them! No customer wants to feel as if they’re being pressured into buying a product or service, or they will unsubscribe.

6. Going on Too Long
Nowadays, people are more busy than ever. Therefore, you should keep the vast majority of your emails short and sweet so that you retain the attention of your readers. Long emails aren’t just a turn off for readers; they also bury important information under a lot of drivel.

7. Not Utilizing Social Media
In order to get more subscribers, you should definitely utilize social media to spread awareness about your emailing campaign. Add social sharing buttons to your emails, and add a “subscribe” link on your social media profile.

8. Using Too Many Images
Since many people access the Internet from their mobile device, you should avoid incorporating too many images into your email. You want your emails to be as mobile-friendly as possible, and to load quickly.

9. Using No Images
While too many images is detrimental, you should ensure you incorporate at least one image into your email. Readers are more likely to click an image link than a text link. Images hold a reader’s interest, and can communicate a lot of information in the blink of an eye.

10. Inconsistency
For maximum effect, it is important to be as consistent as possible. Try to send out emails at least once a week, ideally on the same day of the week. Once readers grow accustomed to these rhythms, they’ll look for your email when it’s time.

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