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Email Marketing

10 Non-Profit Email Marketing Tips for Success

Email marketing is by far one of the most effective ways to reach a large audience in a manner that’s engaging and effective.

Emails are highly personal by nature and have a very good open rate compared with other forms of marketing. Many bloggers and marketing experts will tell you that email marketing is one of the most important ways to develop a relationship with an audience and eventually to generate sales – and it can be equally as useful for non-profit organizations too.

It’s a shame then that many campaigners don’t make better use of email marketing, and that it is less well-understood than other options such as search engine optimization or social media. Read on, then, for ten powerful tips that will help you increase the impact of your email marketing. Continue Reading

Email Marketing

How to Avoid 10 Email Marketing Blunders

When done well, email marketing can be very successful when it comes to increasing sales and promoting awareness of a product or service. Unfortunately, it can be quite easy to make mistakes when it comes to email marketing. Here are ten blunders you should take care to avoid as an email marketer.

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