The Value of a Design-Driven Web Design Firm

The Process Web Design

Website vendors and design providers are a dime a dozen these days, especially with the emergence of website builders and offshoring services. Do any search online, and you’re sure to find twenty or more vendors providing everything from premium consulting to out-of-the-can template generation for those on a bootstrap budget.

However, what really makes leaders stand apart in this industry are those who actually provide significant and clear value in the products they deliver, such as providing above-and-beyond service or a unique strategy beyond catchy design.

A good website grows with your business, allowing you to find new leads or prospects and continue to adapt to a changing world.

True value comes in longevity and evergreen benefits, when a website design anticipates growth and change and already provides the means to accommodate them.

The Wheat from the Chaff

Those standout website design firms follow an important principle: they don’t just try to finish a job and then move onto the next client.

Instead, they focus on doing the job well, giving a customer a custom-tailored product that works with that client’s specific situation, and building a strong relationship that can benefit both parties.

For non-profit website design, this difference is key, as it is with any business web design.

A canned template approach doesn’t typically provide a business or organization with what they really need, like a custom-designed website can. Many times the features, navigation and content are created hastily, as one-size-fits-all solutions, just to move on to the next job, with quantity prioritized over quality.

The mismatch becomes obvious as the customer tries to use the website on a daily basis, constantly inventing workarounds to get by and working with an unwieldy website designed for someone else.

Goal-Oriented Web Design

Instead, a design-driven approach focuses first on the goals of the client organization and what end targets are actually desired. Once these specific criteria are mapped out and defined clearly, as well as how viewers will be expected to interact with them, then the actual website creation work begins, following a careful and refined process.

What results is a website design that truly works cohesively with the client organization and anticipates both short-term and long-term goals. Accordingly, the digital representation then matches the client’s expectations far better.

An organization can easily find a website designer with a click of a mouse, but that doesn’t mean the site produced will have any practical operating value. With a design-driven St. Louis web design firm, such as Hub & Spoke, the success of the product is far more aligned to the client from the beginning.

Let’s talk today about how we can help you with a website that works, finding you focus online.

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