3 Key elements for nonprofits online

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We live in a world of messages, bombarding us everyday with new ideas, sales pitches and opinions.

So, how can you dial in your nonprofit messaging online to gain more donations or actions for your cause? Here’s three key elements to focus, whether you’re starting with a new website design or working on a website redesign.


Consider an Action Center
An action center lets visitors know what they can do to help, and then do it.

Setting up an action center on your site gives visitors a simple and convenient way to support your cause, whether that’s making a donation, signing up as a volunteer, signing and sharing a petition, or even emailing their congressperson directly.

Focus on Engagement
You want your message to spread like wildfire, so your cause can gain more and more support.

Make sure social media, email marketing and a true strategy for engagement is built in from the time of launch. Don’t think of this as phase two, think of it as a priority to keep donors active and informed.

Show How You Help
There are a lot of nonprofits in the world. To set your organization apart, show where, how, and for whom you make a difference, whether that’s through photos, videos or personal stories.

By creating a connection with a potential donor, you can convert them into a dedicated supporter.

Getting the right mix online can help your nonprofit grow engagement and support. These tips are only the beginning. Want more advise or to talk further about what a new website can do to help? Contact us today to start the conversation.

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