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Rock Bridge Brewing Co.

Creating a memorial can design for Columbia's first production brewery.

What we did:
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“It's been an easy process. Everything has turned out better than we could have expected." Stu Burkemper, Rock Bridge Brewing Co.

The Problem

Rock Bridge Brewing Company is a locally owned and operated microbrewery in Columbia, Missouri. The brewery wanted to expand both its image and supply in Columbia.

One way they hoped to accomplish this was by designing their first ever aluminum beer can. For this challenge, they thought of us. Rock Bridge Brewing Company wanted these aluminum cans to have a youthful feel with visually appealing designs.

Our Solution

Initially, we designed one can for Rock Bridge Brewing Company. They were so pleased with the results, they asked us to do another. This was a special collaboration for us, because the artwork for the can was created by an Army veteran as part of the Art of War project.

The Art of War Project was created to help American Veterans deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder through art therapy. It was great honor for us to digitize the artwork for these cans and help evolve the design so it would work on the beer cans.

Each of these aluminum cans had a unique design that matched the type of beer they contained. The Saison can features warm tones of red to convey its fruity, spicy flavor. The warmer colors also indicate the beer is best enjoyed during the warm summer months.

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print design


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