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What we did:
Web Design, Stategy
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"Dak Dillon and his team provided expertise and guidance as we developed our new mobile site. The communication between our team and theirs was valuable and much appreciated throughout the process. When we have a question or need to add another element, they are always quick to respond." Debbie LaRue, VP of Marketing and PR Director for The Callaway Bank

The Problem

The Callaway Bank contacted us about developing a new, modern website. They have a reputation for being a trusted, local bank. With this new website, they wanted to show their customers that they were more than just a hometown bank. They wanted to convey the message of a “small bank with national connections.” The Callaway Bank also knew mobile banking was becoming increasingly popular, and so they wanted that to play a role in their new site design.

Our Solution

We decided that in order to really reinvigorate The Callaway Bank’s website, we’d need to start from scratch. We took their message of a “small bank with national connections” and really built the website around this philosophy.

web design
web design


Using HTML5, CSS3 and responsive web design, we built a website that is appealing to both personal bank account holders as well as larger business accounts. The website was re-organized so it’s easier for customers to find exactly what they need. We also utilized Wordpress, which allows the bank staff to easily update the website.

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