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“Plain Jane” websites are boring and they don’t feed people’s need to be visually stimulated.

When visitors enter your website, compelling photographs can capture their attention and encourage them to stick around to see what your site has to offer. If you already have a website or are thinking about having a creative agency design one for you, don’t underestimate the value compelling photography can add.

Relevant Images Matter
Whether the purpose of your website design is to direct your visitors to buy a product or to simply provide them with information, photos can help you achieve both. One way to ensure images fit seamlessly with your site design is to keep them relevant to the article topic or product you’re offering. When you veer too far off the relevancy track with your photos, you confuse visitors, and your site loses credibility.


The point of adding photos is to beef up professionalism and make the site come to life for the visitors. For these reasons, every image, from your logo design to your article accompaniment photos should enhance your products and features in some way.

Quality is Not Optional
Yes, photos are an important element in website design, but this is not a license to toss up bad images. Poor quality pictures take away from the overall tone of your site and cheapens people’s perception of it. Instead of being impressed, visitors will see your site as nothing more than a nuisance taking up unnecessary Internet space. Whether you use stock images or take your own pictures, remember that quality matters.


People are visual creatures, so they don’t want to spend their limited time surfing through a website that has no flavor. When you’re designing your website, don’t shun the impact excellent photos can have. They not only add visual appeal, but they can make your site more interesting to visitors and entice them to hang around a bit longer.

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