Hub & Spoke’s Dak Dillon featured in Inside Columbia’s The Faces of Columbia


Hub & Spoke’s Dak Dillon was featured in Inside Columbia’s The Faces of Columbia section, which profiles a few of Columbia’s “finest professionals.”


Hub & Spoke is a full-service creative agency that helps companies find focus for their marketing, outreach and creative design. Finding focus is where Hub & Spoke founder Dak Dillon excels.

“My life is centered around visuals,” Dillon says. “All of my ventures since I was young, around age 13, have focused on my vision. From photography to 3-D design, to telling stories through journalistic projects, and now to Web design and creative direction for companies, it’s been a gradual evolution as I’ve met other talented individuals and explored the world.”

Dillon has a background in photography and a degree in photojournalism from Mizzou.

“I draw inspiration from many photographers’ work,” he says, “and from many designers from the Swiss movement.”

While many people come to Dillon for his specific vision, he says he’s learned to work with other viewpoints on design and “what makes something look good.” Other Hub & Spoke staff members bring design styles to the table that are different from his style, and complement it.

Dillon describes himself as driven. “I’m always moving, and this movement is my drive to keep working hard and finding that next venture.”

Dillon takes inspiration from his love of travel. For every few weeks of hard work, he’ll take a week on the road and unwind. He’s always moving from city to city, and often works from unique places across the country. Last year, he spent about 90 days in places outside mid-Missouri.

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