responsive web design for Trey Bistro

Trey Bistro

A responsive website with a minimal design.

What we did:
Web Design, Print Design, Strategy
website design
print design of menu
"Hub & Spoke worked with me, not just for me. They helped create a unified brand for our website, menus and print ads and really was able to capture the spirit of Trey Bistro in everything they crafted." Trey Quinlan, Chef/Owner of Trey Bistro

The Problem

Trey’s original website was one he had designed in his spare time. He was looking for a design that would showcase the eclectic style of his restaurant while at the same time fulfilling the needs of his customers.

Trey wanted us to capture the restaurant's rhythm and its seasonal offerings using a photo-centric website. The new website needed to be bold and modern and capture the essence of his restaurant.

Our Solution

After discussing Trey’s needs, we got to work designing a website featuring professional photographs taken around the restaurant. Because the star of Trey Bistro is a seasonal, locally sourced menu, it was important for us to create a large, easy to update menu.

We also worked with Trey to create a matching set of menu designs and print advertisements that could be used along with the new website design.

website design
web design
print design of menu


We were able to create a bold, inviting and responsive website for Trey Bistro using our experience. Trey Bistro’s simple and fresh website now matches the style and brand Trey has worked so hard to establish for his restaurant.

We craft each website to meet the needs of our client. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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