Email Marketing & Strategy

Reach customers in the most direct way.

The Most Direct Method to Reach Customers

"Email is still (and will remain) an important tool in your online marketing arsenal."

You may think that in an age of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and all the other social media sites, email marketing is so yesterday. Think again. Here’s why:


First, email is more personal. A Facebook or Twitter post has to be generic, because the audience is large and undefined. There, you’re just one in a chorus of voices. When you send an email newsletter, the owner of that email account is the only one looking at it, in a space that’s comfortable for them. It feels more like a personal connection. Not only that, but businesses can utilize their customer database to personalize email newsletters according to each customer’s needs. You don’t get that with a Tweet.


Second, it’s hard to change a habit. For a lot of people, the first thing they do when they sit down at their computer is check email. That’s your first opportunity to connect with your audience. People who sign up for mailing lists are more likely to interact with your business, not just through emails and newsletters, but on your website and in person.


Lastly, email is trackable. There are many tools out there that can help businesses determine when their email was opened, what links were clicked on and if an email was deleted without being opened or caught in a spam box. These tools can help you triangulate the perfect message and make your next email newsletter more effective.

Let’s talk about how email may be right for your website. We’re here to help!