Why WordPress Is Still the Best CMS for Websites

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In 2003, the Content Management Service (CMS) WordPress was introduced to the world. Since then, lots of competitors have popped up trying to challenge the reigning champ of website design. But there are several reasons why WordPress is still the best CMS out there and probably will be for some time to come.

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Here is why you should consider using WordPress for your website, no matter where you are or what your company does.

It’s More Powerful than Anything Else Out There

The fact is, WordPress is the most powerful CMS on the planet because of all of the plugins and other add-ons that exist for it. The power of WordPress is self-perpetuating because so many people use it, which increases demand for and competition to create plugins, widgets, themes and all of the other tools that make it stand out above the rest.  

WordPress Integrates With Everything

WordPress is so widely used that no web tool developer out there would dream of building something that wouldn’t integrate with WordPress. For you, this means that almost any functionality you need for your website is available in multiple forms, and your developer can simply choose which one works best for you, without having to build a widget from scratch.

It’s the Easiest Way to Add Content

WordPress is hands-down the easiest way to add content to your website. You don’t have to contact your web designer whenever you want to add content. You just log in, write your content and hit ‘publish.’

Changing pictures, font styles, and page layouts is as easy as a dream, especially with the way we develop websites in WordPress at Hub & Spoke.

WordPress Already Has the Best Tools for Website Optimization

WordPress has the aforementioned advantage of being widely used, so the tools that exist for search engine optimization, whether for local SEO (such as through Google My Business, or other service directory sites such as Yelp) or your search engine page ranking, are already the best out there. You won’t find more options for SEO tools than the plugins that you can get for WordPress.

It is Constantly Being Improved and Can Keep Up with the Web

Since WordPress is constantly being improved by the developers and everyone else that uses it – due to the fact that it is free and open source – it can keep up with the ever-changing web. From adapting to search engine algorithms to innovating in the way people display and access content, WordPress has been ahead of the game at every step and will likely continue to stay ahead for the foreseeable future.

It’s Less Expensive than From-Scratch Web Design

Even if you use a professional design firm because of the advantages that entails, you save money because a lot of the work is already done.

Having a web designer create your website from scratch using HTML or PHP will cost a pretty hefty sum of money. (Sometimes that’s the best solution, but for most small businesses, it simply decreases the ROI.)

You will definitely save money if you have them start with WordPress instead because 80% of the work of creating a great website has already been done and they can just make the other 20% amazing.

Ready to learn more? At Hub & Spoke, we’re experts at developing websites with WordPress and we’re here to help! Let’s talk today about what WordPress could mean for your website design and development project.

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