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Top 5: Tips for Nonprofit Website Design

When thinking about refreshing your nonprofit’s web presence, the goals for any nonprofit organization are pretty straightforward: you want to raise awareness about your cause and also convince people your cause is worth donating their time and or money.

Having a well designed website is a key component in promoting your nonprofit. It becomes part of your identity and brand. It has become common practice for potential donors to go check out a nonprofit’s website before making a final decision to donate to a cause or not, so this is increasingly important.

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Now Is the Time: Top Changes Non-Profits Can Make to Their Marketing for 2015

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The new year is here and that means a fresh start, a time of new budgets and new goals.

If you’re involved with a non-profit organization, you might be thinking about your marketing plans and strategy for the New Year. Have you had to set outreach aside for the more pressing operational challenges that come up every day? More programs to run, more hats to wear and always the question of how to make it all happen!

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Top trends in nonprofit website design

The goal of a nonprofit organization’s website is pretty straightforward. A nonprofit wants to present itself in a manner which encourages individuals and organizations to donate money, time or other resources to further their cause.

If you work for a nonprofit organization and you find yourself tasked with creating or improving your organization’s web presence, you probably realize that this isn’t as simple as it may seem. Not just any website will do, if you want to boost awareness for your nonprofit.


Every website (whether for a nonprofit or not) should draw people in, and tell them why they should care about your mission. In order to make this happen effectively, you should be aware of some important design trends for nonprofit websites.

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