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Best Practices Web Design

It only takes a mere second for a visitor to leave your website if there is the slightest delay.

Bypass audience attrition and enhance lead conversion with the following practices for B2B website design.

1. Distinctly outline your value proposition

A value proposition is a transparent statement of what is presented, what makes it different than similar products or services, and how the enterprise will follow through on what it’s promising.

When creating a value proposition, concentrate on the advantages instead of the features. Attempting to stimulate buyer incentive with an overwhelming amount of attention to what your service or product does will probably be ineffective in comparison to the ways your company can offer a solution that a consumer requires.

2. Implement mechanisms for acquisition of leads

Automation of marketing can properly operate your social media, email, websites, and other platforms. Also, you can produce and maintain leads, customize messages for each lead based on their interaction and interest, and monitor ROI for campaigns.

Improve lead acquisition and capture by insuring website CTAs (or Calls-to-Action) and forms. The form, landing page, and/or overlay CTA must be properly designed. To increase conversions, keep forms brief; you’ll get more conversions from a simple, streamlined design than an unappealing and cluttered one.

Some helpful tools for this type of automation include social services like HootSuite and email platforms like MailChimp or AWeber. Other robust platforms include SalesForce or HubSpot.

3. Develop quality, top-of-the-funnel content that is gated

Letting visitors access premium content once they complete a form can provide you with more optimized details to nurture leads. Develop gated, high-quality content for prospects early in their exploration.

Create content that is authoritative and endeavors to educate your target audience on a regular basis. In doing so, your website can earn organic traffic and quality inbound links. This will enhance the site’s ranking on search engines, as well as increase leads for better brand exposure.

Gated, top-of-the-funnel content can be comprised of:

  • eBooks
  • Advice articles
  • Blog articles
  • Instructional videos
  • Webinars
  • Datasheets
  • Industry assessments
  • Industry insights
  • Pricing sheets
  • Trend summaries
  • Downloadable manuals

Ensure there is an easy to understand CTA, use photos that are high-quality, and address the purpose and value of the gated content.

4. Website design

Design is valuable. Your B2B website design should be effective, accessible, motivating, and interesting.

A simple-to-use website that is easy to navigate will convert prospects into buyers or at least get the conversation started.

Concentrate on legibility and accessibility instead of trendy design quirks. Ensure there is purpose integrated into the design of your site – an impactful B2B web design should be clean, alluring, and help organizations accomplish business objectives. The website should influence sales, lead generation, and advocacy.

5. Embrace mobile as your audience is everywhere

With the rise of mobile devices, B2B businesses must also think about websites being mobile-friendly.

If your website isn’t responsive to different screens, your organization can miss out on a quickly growing target market. Google claims that if the interaction users have is positive, they are 67% more inclined to convert.

6. Regularly improve

Refrain from using your important resources on a site that just sits online without any purpose or updates. Websites should do more than look good – they should decisively affect the metrics of a company. Use existing information about conversion flow patterns, time spent on the page, actions taken, loading times, and other factors to determine what needs improvement.

The buyer’s journey is not linear.

Web development and design shouldn’t be interpreted as linear, either. Test. Assess. Revise. Understand. Adjust.

Always make a point of perfecting the website.

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