About Dak Dillon

Principal and Creative Director at Hub & Spoke

Dak Dillon

My fondness of design started before I was even a teenager. Using Microsoft Publisher, I started building websites in the seventh grade. Since then, I’ve been constantly moving, trying to improve my craft while growing Hub & Spoke.

In college, at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri, I studied photojournalism. Through this experience, I've been nationally published in The New York Times, Sports Illustrated and USA Today, to name a few.

As Principal and Creative Director of Hub & Spoke, I wanted to create a company with my passion for graphic design and web design, while also working with clients that sometimes are "left behind," clients like non-profits, higher education institutions and small business owners.

I am always looking for the next opportunity for fostering relationships with my clients, I want to help provide my vision for those I work for.

That vision is driven by a deep desire to explore colors and how they can combine and interact. With an amazing team by my side, each bringing an unique perspective, we have been steadily growing and improving. Outside of Hub & Spoke, I also own a trade publication that covers the television creative industry and am a Emmy-nominated scenic designer for television.